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Kodak Flexcel SRX - Flexo Digital Solutions

KODAK FLEXCEL SR Flexographic Plates have been designed to bring brand owners confidence that their packaging will be produced reliably and consistently, and to bring printers of packaging materials increased productivity and peace of mind. FLEXCEL SR Plates are part of Kodak’s complete range of quality products for the packaging industry.

FLEXCEL SR Plates are optimized uniquely for exposure with KODAK PREMIER PR7M Recording Film to provide high resolution and uniformity for ganged images on a single sheet of film.

Available in three durometers for a wide variety of applications.

KODAK FLEXCEL SRH Flexographic Plates are premium, high-durometer plates developed specifically for the most challenging jobs that have fine halftone line screen reproduction and solid printing requirements.

KODAK FLEXCEL SRM Flexographic Plates are premium, mid-range durometer plates, designed for fine halftone line screen reproduction and solid printing requirements, specifically developed to print on the widest variety of substrates, from tissue to flexible film.

KODAK FLEXCEL SRC/SRC-K Flexographic Plates offer superior performance and mounting properties, making them ideal plates for halftone reproduction on coarse board.

  • Resilience for ever higher press speeds

  • Sharp detail (through hard durometer)

  • Excellent highlight dot formation and integrity with steep shoulders, uniform thickness, and uniform ink transfer coefficient

  • Reliability in supply and performance

  • Consistency between plates and throughout the run

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