Sunday, February 18, 2018

Kodak Extends Longstanding Packaging Systems Reseller Relationship with GE Richards


KODAK FLEXCEL SRM Flexographic Plates are premium, mid-range durometer plates, designed for fine halftone line screen reproduction and solid printing requirements, specifically developed to print on the widest variety of substrates, from tissue to flexible film.

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KODAK FLEXCEL SRH Flexographic Plates are premium, high-durometer plates developed specifically for the most challenging jobs that have fine halftone line screen reproduction and solid printing requirements.

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KODAK FLEXCEL SRC/SRC-K Flexographic Plates offer superior performance and mounting properties, making them ideal plates for halftone reproduction on coarse board.

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KODAK MIRACLON Letterpress Plates deliver outstanding productivity and quality, driving efficiency in prepress and on press. These water-soluble photopolymer plates handle easily, and can be imaged, dried and processed in under 30 minutes. Available in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of print cylinders. MIRACLON Letterpress plates enable fast registration and deliver exceptionally long-press life.

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KODAK DITR Film / 4401 / 6.5 mil / Matte produces consistent, reliable results and high-quality results for prepress film applications. Its proprietary black, dye-based mask is removed by thermal ablative imaging using an infrared laser source. KODAK DITR 4401 Film delivers high-contrast, sharp image reproduction with exceptional background clarity.

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GE Richards Packaging Manager

"GE Richards is pleased to provide the packaging printer with the iconic products and "know how" of the Kodak Company.

Every printer has specialized challenges. Our partnership with Kodak will enable us to meet these unique demands successfully, with mutual profitability for everyone involved." - Dick Snyder - GER

To find out more, contact Dick via email:

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