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By Mark Robinson on 1/30/2012 2:33 PM

Some people think that something else is oldest profession, that (profession) is really just a subset of sales. As a business owner, you're in sales whether you like it or not. All of us are in sales. We sell to our customers, spouses, children and even ourselves.  If you're not sure you have the personality to succeed in selling, consider these 12 ideas to create a truly great sales mindset. 
By Mark Robinson on 1/6/2012 10:51 PM

Turn On Your Marketing Charm

Whether you choose to do your marketing online or offline, one thing does not change. The simple realization is that no single marketing strategy will be as effective as a combination of two or more marketing programs. This does not mean it is necessary for you to implement every known marketing strategy to promote your business, but rather it implies that it is worthwhile to market from a few different perspectives to help you achieve your business related goals. Let’s examine the importance of combining email marketing with other types of marketing to create a successful multi-tiered marketing strategy Managing more than one marketing strategy at once can be easily handled using a well thought out plan.

By Mark Robinson on 12/9/2011 8:27 AM

If You’re In Sales…

If you’re in sales, you’re in customer service. If you’re in customer service, you’re in sales. These two roles are so linked the lines are constantly blurred. Why then do we see the rise of mediocrity with reminders that it looks like neither one cares to make a difference in how they perform.

We have grown accustomed to goods and services that receive a barely passable grade. When the server at the diner, chews gum like a cow chewing a cud. Or the taxi driver, who never acknowledges you as a paying customer and continues to talk on his cell phone. So how much better do you need to be to separate you or your company from the rest of the pack?

By Mark Robinson on 12/2/2011 8:03 AM

Mobilizing Your Marketing

Yesterday I attended a seminar sponsored by Modern Mail from Newark, DE. They had a keynote speaker and presenter by the name of John Foley, from InterlinkONE and Grow Socially . John took us on a journey of mobile applications, QR codes, mobile landing pages, tracking tools and how to create multi-channel marketing campaigns. It was the first of a series of Renovate Your Business Seminars from Modern Mail.

By Mark Robinson on 11/18/2011 11:04 AM

Marketing and Sales: What is the difference?

Marketing and sales are one of the most important components of a business’s survival in the market. While both are dependent on each other many people confuse marketing with sales and vice-versa which is a big mistake. Marketing involves designing a product according to the needs of the market and customers, promoting the product through advertising etc. and setting up a competitive price for the product. Marketing is a platform which drives sales. While on the other hand the sales process is what you do to successfully sell a product and close a contract. Sales and marketing together is a part of selling and one cannot do without the other. The success of a business is critical to the success of these two important activities.

By Mark Robinson on 11/13/2011 12:10 PM

Redefining Print as we [use to] know it

It’s no secret the Printing Industry has undergone major changes over the past decade, however many printing companies have remained unchanged except for the occasional printer that thinks differently in the way they conduct business. Our industry is in a crisis. This crisis is a powerful motivator for change. Change is inevitable; in fact it’s going to happen based on technology, economy, invention and the necessity to survive. The owner who has embraced change and won’t be satisfied with the status quo has thrived in this chaos.

Printers are craftsman, but that needs to be extended in order to revive the industry. It’s time for printers to reinvent what they do and how they sell to their customers. Print is not just paper. The services that printers offer should be extended beyond the old paradigm of delivering ink on paper. Many clients need additional services that printers can provide, such as web design and maintenance. Social Media page design for clients who are intimidated by Facebook, or Twitter, but who need a Social Media presence for their business can be part of your product offering.

By Mark Robinson on 11/4/2011 9:37 AM

4 Ways - You can get your Opt In Subscribers to trust you quickly

While the rest of the world has developed many barriers and protections to keep their e-mail accounts spam-free, there are also those that subscribe to mails that promote their products, services and their websites. This is mainly because these subscribers want to know more about what these sites are offering and how it can be beneficial for them. They expect to get be kept posted on what they are interested in and what is new in the market or field they have chosen.

Businesses would be so lucky to have these kinds of customers; the basic element needed to get these types of people is trust. When your customers trust you they will reward you with their loyalty. Many internet users have gone to great lengths in protecting their email accounts from spam mail. Some free-mail internet providers and internet service providers offer spam protection while there are also some internet based companies that screen your mails for you.

By Mark Robinson on 10/28/2011 12:45 PM

Social Media – Is it right for my company?

The first step when it comes to planning an effective social media strategy is to answer some questions. Should you be on Facebook? What about Twitter? Is LinkedIn right for our business? What about blogging? What about content management?

These are all great questions. They can’t be answered effectively until you’ve gone through the process of planning and research to find out what social media can do for you or your business. Your presence on social media will be more successful if you take some time to answer these following questions.
By Mark Robinson on 10/21/2011 7:05 AM

I Need Your Lowest Price

In the race to secure new business we hear this refrain from every customer – I need your lowest price. 

The government requires bidders submit their lowest price to win their business, then pay twice as much, or more, when they want it to work the way the RFP was written. 
By Mark Robinson on 10/14/2011 6:38 AM

The Challenge of Letting Go

There will be times in your life and career, a challenge will come your way and you must decide. Do you trust your gut instincts? Or do you turn and walk away? You know the feeling. The one that makes those butterflies float in your stomach and you say let’s do it!
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