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A Family Owned Business

Founded in 1972, G.E. Richards Graphic Supplies has grown to 10 branches and over 70 million in sales. We've become the fourth largest graphic arts dealer in the country by keeping in touch with the ever changing needs of our customers and the printing and graphic arts industries.We offer a large variety of products from printing plates, presses and ink, to film, computers, printers, scanners, imagesetters and platesetters. We're the number one Ryobi dealer in the country for over 2 years.

The industry has gone digital and G.E. Richards is leading the way with our sales and service departments. We also sell, service and support traditional equipment and supplies.

Core Values

Providing our customers with exceptional value and service at competitive prices is our commitment to you. For almost 40 years GE Richards has served our customers with quality products for pre-press and pressroom. Our business model is simple, provide the best service, support and offer products that meet today's demanding, dynamic and changing marketplace.Together with our vendors and suppliers we work to provide solutions that meet your business goals. Ask us about how we can assist you in achieving your needs with our proven solutions for your company.


Find out why GE Richards Graphic Supplies is the right place to build your career. We welcome candidates from all backgrounds. Currently we are seeking candidates with technical service experience. Please send your resume to:

We recognize that our employees are the company’s greatest asset. That’s why our high-quality benefits reflect our dedication to protecting your health and future. Feel free to ask our HR specialist about GE Richards Graphic Supplies, benefits upon your interview. 

At a time when the markets we serve are increasingly more diverse and global, our continued success depends on our ability to attract, develop and retain the best talent from the broadest range of people, cultures, backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. Creating an environment where every coworker feels valued, respected, included and challenged will help GE Richards Graphic Supplies remain an employer of choice.

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